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How to Decarboxylate Rosin Pucks for Edibles

Chef Sky

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about- How to Decarboxylate Rosin Pucks for Edibles

Decarboxylation is the first and most important step to infusing edibles with cannabis. In this video you will find out why it’s important to decarboxylate rosin pucks, what you will need from your kitchen and how to successfully decarboxylate rosin pucks..

Thank You. Let’s get Infuzed.

Why it’s Important to Decarboxylate Rosin Pucks

Rosin chips or pucks are the flattened cannabis flowers that remain after being smashed on a press.

To make edibles with rosin pucks, the key is to activate the cannabinoids that remain in the pucks through decarboxylation. Decarboxylation is the process of heating cannabis to activate the THC.

This key step is debatable among edible makers because the rosin press has already applied heat to the flower during the press. Therefore why is there a need to decarboxylate?

Fact: Smashed pucks still contain cannabinoids and terpenes but there’s less to extract from a puck.

Chefs Notes: Rosin pucks are heated at low temps for approximately about 3 minutes which is not enough time to fully decarb rosin pucks.  That’s why it’s important to decarboxylate rosin pucks to get the best results.

What you will need to Decarboxylate Rosin Pucks

In order to decarboxylate rosin pucks at home, all you need is rosin pucks, an oven set to 240 degrees, some parchment paper, a baking tray and aluminum foil.

Kitchen Items:


Oven Thermometer (Used to verify oven temp)

Baking Tray (Rimmed)

Aluminum foil

Parchment paper


14 grams of Rosin Pucks without the bag

How to Decarboxylate Rosin Pucks for Edibles

1. Pre-heat oven to 240°F (160°C).

2. Line a flat baking sheet or rimmed baking pan with parchment paper.

3. Remove the chips from the rosin bags. Break the rosin pucks up into smaller pieces using your fingers Do not grid the rosin pucks to a fine powder, doing this will put more plant material into the medium that you are infusing.

4. Spread the pieces of rosin pucks evenly over the baking sheet or rimmed pan so that the heat distributes evenly, cover with foil.

5. Make sure the baking sheet or rimmed pan is the correct size so there is little or no empty space on the pan when you spread out your cannabis.

6. Place the baking sheet in the oven at 240-250℉ for 20-25 minutes. This will activate your cannabis and give it a roasted, nutty smell. (Try to minimize the times you open the oven to regulate the temperature.)

7. Remove from oven, let cool.

8. Now you are ready to infuse the rosin chips into your butter or oils.

9. If not using right away make sure to store the decarboxylated pucks in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Chef’s Notes: There are other methods of extraction for rosin pucks with the bag using solvents such as Ethanol.  These solvents are ok to use for edibles, because they will evaporate and purge using the Source Turbo.

Thank You and Happy Infusing………….

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