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How to do a Quick Wash (QWET)-Buchner Filtration

 Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about- How to do a Quick Wash (QWET)-Buchner Filtration

This method is a great way to make a Quick Wash (QWET) tincture for concentrates. In this video you will find out why concentrates are so potent, what you will need to make a Quick Wash tincture, and how to do a Quick Wash (QWET) with Buchner Filtration.

Thank you and let’s get infused……….

Why concentrates are so potent

Quick Wash Ethanol or (QWET) quick wash extraction technique is used to extract potent trichomes. QWET is an ethanol extraction using frozen ethanol poured over frozen cannabis to create a tincture for extraction. By eliminating fats, lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll, the potency increases dramatically with no smell or taste from chlorophyll. Too much chlorophyll can cause digestive tract upsets, with cramps, and diarrhea.

 One advantage with this method is it’s already decarboxylated, with high potency, great aroma, and agreeable taste.  Since decarboxylation is required for cooking there is no reason to use quality flower to make QWET.

Fact: The swamp weed taste comes from the chlorophyll. QWET eliminates that taste completely, leaving edibles tasting completely normal by using a 5 Minute QWET.

Chef’s Notes: This process uses 2 washes separately to achieve two different washes. When making concentrates for edibles some combine the two washes into one.

What You Will Need to Make Quick Wash (QWET) Tincture

Buchner Filtration System

Using the Buchner filtration system will improve the extraction quality by making clear amber colored tincture for extraction.

By applying a vacuum from the Source to the Buchner the slow and fast filter papers remove the undesirable plant material like fats, lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll.

Additional items necessary: 110 mm paper filters (slow and fast)

Fact: Glass and ceramic must be handled carefully because these items are under a vacuum, always inspect for cracks or damage before using.

Kitchen Items:

Source Turbo

Buchner Filtration system

Filter paper 110 MM (slow and fast)


Mason Jars

420 Extractor (Food Grade Alcohol)

Stainless steel coffee filter


14 Grams Cannabis Shake (First test of Source Turbo)

420 Extractor

How to do a Quick Wash (QWET) – Buchner Filtration

1. To do a QWET extraction for edibles, start with fresh decarboxylated cannabis. Gently break up flower by hand until pea sized. If using shake or trim, just use it as is.

2. Place the decarbed cannabis into a mason jar and put it into the freezer with the alcohol. (Overnight)

3. Once the correct temperature has been achieved, working quickly pour alcohol into the jar of cannabis until covered. Screw on the lid and gently swirl for a few seconds. Place both jars back into the freezer immediately. For the next 5 minutes, gently swirl the jar of cannabis once a minute, keeping in the freezer until complete.

4. After 5 minutes, remove the lid and pour the mixture through a quick draining stainless steel mesh strainer into another jar.

5. Cover the strained cannabis with more cold alcohol and place back into the freezer. The second wash will be for 10-minutes, straining the alcohol into a different jar you used to collect the first wash and place that jar back into the freezer.

6. Set up the Buchner filter and attach to the Source Turbo for a vacuum to operate the filter.

7. Place a filter paper in the Buchner ceramic top and prim the filter with alcohol.

8. Next Remove the first wash jar from the freezer and immediately pour the contents into the Buchner Ceramic Top with the primed filter. Pour the contents from the flask into a clean jar.

9. Replace the filter and prim the new filter, remove the second wash from the freezer and pour into the Buchner ceramic with the primed filter.

10. Compare the two washes and determine if you want to add the two washes together for extraction.

11. The Tincture is ready to be placed into the Crucible in the Source Turbo for evaporation.

Fact: The first wash can extract 75 to 80%, leaving the balance for the second wash. The second wash may be different from the first. If you look closely at the washed plant matter you can see when the trichome heads are gone and what’s left looks like wet fur.

Chef’s Notes: If a light green tint of chlorophyll makes its way into the wash,by putting the jar of tincture in sunlight for two to three hours this will remove any remaining chlorophyll. Be aware the sun can also destroy cannabinoids in the tincture but at a slower rate than chlorophyll.

Stand by for the next video on filling the crucible in the Source Turbo with amber tincture to make potent oil for infusing.

Thank you and Happy Extracting…………

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