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How to Make a QWET Tincture –Using Dry Ice

 Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about- How to Make a QWET Tincture–Using Dry Ice

This method of extraction is easy to do with great results.  In this video you will find out why dry ice creates a better QWET tincture than water ice, what you will need from your kitchen, and how to successfully make QWET tinctures using dry ice.

Thank you and let’s get infused……….

Why Dry Ice Creates a Better QWET Tincture than Water Ice

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent. Dry ice has a lower temperature than water ice which is very useful for breaking off trichomes at subzero temperatures. Dry ice creates a better QWET tincture than water ice.

Using dry ice to freeze and break off the trichomes on cannabis flower is a better option than using a freezer. A freezer will generally get the cannabis down to about zero degrees. Dry ice will freeze the trichomes at subzero temps yielding more potent trichomes without any unwanted plant material.

As the amber trichomes break off the flower from the cold temps of the dry ice, they are captured in the ethanol wash. The wash is filtered and ready for the ethanol purge in the Source Turbo.

Fact: Wear insulated gloves when handling dry ice to prevent frost bite.

Chef’ Notes: Ensure adequate ventilation so that pressure build-up does not rupture the cooler used to hold the dry ice, ethanol and cannabis.

What you will need to make a QWET tincture using Dry Ice

Kitchen Items:

Insulated gloves

Mason jars x 3

Styrofoam cooler

News paper

Buchner filtration system

Source Turbo (using the vacuum)

Stainless steel coffee filter

110 mm slow filter paper


Dry Ice

Cannabis flower

420 Extractor (ethanol)

How to do a QWET –Using Dry Ice

1. Pour the 420 extractor into the two mason jars.

2. Gently break up the cannabis flower and do not crush into a fine powder. Too much will damage the cell walls of the flower and cause undesirables to leak into the wash.

3. Put the cannabis flower in the third Mason jar and place all jars in the freezer before placing the jars into the dry ice cooler.

4. Remove the cooled Mason jars from the freezer and place into the dry ice cooler.

5. Place the Mason jars as close to the dray ice as possible.

6. Cover the mason jars and dry ice with unfolded newspapers.

7. Leave the Mason jars in the dry ice cooler 12 hours.

8. Remove the cannabis and one ethanol Mason jar from the dry ice and pour the frozen ethanol over the frozen cannabis.

9. Place the Mason jars back into the dry ice cooler for 30 minutes.

10. Remove the Mason jar and pour the cannabis mixture into the stainless steel coffee filter into a clean Mason jar. Place the QWET Tincture back into the dry ice cooler.

11. Take the strained cannabis and add the second mason jar of ethanol to the cannabis flower.

12. Place the second mixture back into the dry ice cooler for 30 minutes.  Agitating every 5 minutes

13. Remove from the dry ice cooler and strain the wash with the stainless steel coffee filter into a clean jar.

14. The second QWET tincture back into the dry ice cooler with the first QWET tincture.

15. The wash is ready to be run through the Buchner filtration system.

16. Set up the Buchner filter and attach to the Source Turbo for a vacuum to operate the filter.

17. Place a filter paper in the Buchner ceramic top and prim the filter with alcohol.

18. Next Remove the first wash jar from the freezer and immediately pour the contents into the Buchner Ceramic Top with the primed filter. Pour the contents from the flask into a clean jar.

19. Replace the filter and prim the new filter, remove the second wash from the freezer and pour into the Buchner ceramic with the primed filter.

20. Compare the two washes and determine if you want to add the two washes together for extraction.

21. The Tincture is ready to be placed into the Crucible in the Source Turbo for evaporation.

Fact: Dry ice will give you a far superior product in a lot less time!

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