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How to Make a Strawberry Smash-Canna Mocktails

Canna Mocktails

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about- How to make a THC Strawberry Smash

Canna Beverages are one of the many ways to use Canna Syrups or Simple Syrups. In this video you will find out why simple syrups can be great alternative to alcohol, what you will need from your kitchen, and how to successfully make a Strawberry Smash drink using THC Strawberry Syrup.

Why Canna Syrups Can be Great Alternative to Alcohol

Canna syrup is a liquid sugar that is used to sweeten soda, coffee, tea, and many other beverages. Because it is a liquid sweetener, it is much easier to blend into beverages than granulated sugar.

One of the best ways to use Canna syrups is mixing them into canna beverages, mocktails are a delicious choice for an alternative to alcohol.

Facts: The difference between THC syrup and Lean. While THC syrup has its roots in hip hop culture, it should not be confused with lean.  That term refers to prescription codeine cough syrup mixed with soda and alcohol.

Chef’s Notes: Simple syrup is not just for drinking it can also be used to sweeten foods, fruits and baked goods. Simple syrup can be drizzled over desserts or used as a glaze.

What you will Need to Make a Strawberry Smash


    1.5 oz. Sprite

    1 oz. Cranberry Juice

    1/2 Lime, quartered

  • Strawberries

Dosage:  1 teaspoon-THC Strawberry Syrup=30 to 40 mg THC

Chef’s Notes: The THC Strawberry Syrup was made using 3 grams of screen sifted kief. Simple Syrup can be made using, cannabis concentrates, cannabis flower and kief. Be sure to check out my videos on how to make simple syrups.

How to Make a Strawberry Smash

1. Muddle lime, strawberries, and THC Strawberry syrup in a cocktail shaker.

2. Add cranberry juice and shake well.

 3. Strain into a glass of crushed ice.

4. Then pour the Sprite over the ice

5. Garnish with a strawberry and serve.

Chef’s Notes: In mixology terms muddle means to smash the fruit against the glass to muddle the fruit.

This Strawberry Smash may have no alcohol, but it’s a very potent drink made from canna syrup and fresh strawberries making this a great alternative to alcohol.

Thank you and happy Infusing………………………….

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