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How to Make Caramel Pecan Clusters-Canna Turtles

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about- How to Make Caramel Pecan Clusters-Infused Turtles

This method uses concentrate to infuse both the caramel and chocolate. In this video you will find out why Turtles are the perfect caramel nut cluster to infuse, what you will need from your kitchen, and how to successfully make Infused Turtles

Thank You. Let’s get Infuzed.

Why Turtles are the perfect caramel nut cluster to infuse

Using creamy caramel, premium pecans, and a one of a kind chocolate makes turtles the perfect caramel nut cluster to infuse with potent cannabis concentrates.

Fact: Only a few basic ingredients are needed to make infused turtles.

Chefs Notes: Milk chocolate is used for this turtle candy but semi-sweet or dark chocolate can be used. Two different kinds of chocolate can be used to drizzle over the top of the turtles.

What you will Need to Make Caramel Pecan Clusters- Infused Turtles

Kitchen Items:

Stove or hot plate

Double Boiler

Instant read digital thermometer

Silicone baking mat

Baking sheet

Silicone spatula

Candy Funnel


Peters Caramel

1 lb. Milk Chocolate

 Chopped Pecans

2- Grams Cannabis Concentrate

How to Make Caramel Pecan Clusters- Infused Turtles

1. Melt the Peters caramel completely (7 to 10 Minutes) remove from heat. Do not exceed 180 degrees.

2. Add the cannabis concentrate and mix until the caramel is smooth

3. Form a bed of roasted chopped pecans on a lined baking sheet.

4. Use the Candy funnel to drop melted caramel over the bed of chopped pecans to form small coins over the pecans. Do not allow the caramel coins to flow together.

5. Refrigerate 15 to 20 minutes to set the caramel.

6. Note: Melt a Tablespoon of Coco Butter for the cannabis concentrates.

 7. Melt the milk chocolate, once the chocolate is tempered add the coco butter/concentrate.

8. Place 2/3 of the chocolate to be tempered in double boiler.

9. Melt the chocolate over simmering water with the water not touching the bottom of the bowl containing the chocolate.

10. When chocolate is melted to 118°F for dark chocolate, or 115°F for milk or white chocolate, immediately remove from the heat. Dry the bottom of the bowl with a towel.

 11. Add the remaining 1/3 chocolate slowly into the bowl. Use a dry rubber spatula to stir and cool down the chocolate until completely smooth and slightly thickened, this is called “seeding”. Be careful not to stir in air bubbles.

12. Check the temperature of the chocolate with an instant-read thermometer. When working with the chocolate, the temperature must stay below 90°F for dark chocolate and 87°F for milk or white chocolate.

13. Add the warmed cannabis concentrate, continuing to stir gently.

14. Mix until chocolate is of smooth and silky consistency.

15. Remove the caramel clusters from the lined baking sheet.

16. Dip the clusters into the milk chocolate and tap off the remaining chocolate and place on a line baking tray to harden.

17. Leave the clusters on the baking tray for about 30 minutes at room temp or in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens.

Fact: Do not allow any water into the melted chocolate or it will seize up and become clumpy.

Chefs Notes: It’s best to cool the finished chocolate products in a room at 65ºF or below, temperatures higher than 75ºF will take longer to harden.

Thank you and Happy Infusing…………

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