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How to Make Coffee Creamer-with water soluble CBD

How to Make Coffee Creamer-with water soluble CBD

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about-How to Make CBD Coffee Creamer

This easy method is a great way to Make White Chocolate/Raspberry Coffee Creamer. In this video you will find out why White Chocolate /Raspberry makes a tasty creamer. What you will need from your kitchen, and how to successfully Make White Chocolate /Raspberry creamer with CBD.

Thank You. Let’s get Infuzed.

Why White Chocolate/ Raspberry makes a tasty Creamer

Making your own creamer is actually easy and can be finished within minutes using just a few ingredients. Instead of buying a sugary, artificial tasting creamer, take a few minutes every few weeks to craft a creamer that will not only taste great but will also make you feel good every morning.

Chef’s Notes: Not only will these homemade flavored creamers be free of all the artificial ingredients creamers can be crafted with many healthy ingredients including CBD.

What you will Need to Make White Chocolate/Raspberry Creamer

Kitchen Items:

Container for creamer storage

Glass bowl for storage

Silicone spatula


14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk

2 cups evaporated milk

4- tbsp. white chocolate syrup

2-tbsp Raspberry syrup

1 gram water soluble

How to Make White Chocolate/Raspberry Creamer

1. Open the sweetened condensed milk and pour into a glass bowl.

2. Add the evaporated milk or milk of your choice, or heavy cream.

3. Stir the milk base ingredients together before adding the flavors and water soluble CBD.

4. Mix the white chocolate syrup, raspberry syrup together.

5. Add the flavors and gently stir the flavors into the milk base ingredients.

Chef’s Notes: Craft a creamer to replace milk by using the creamy texture to chocolate or other drinks, combine with hot cereals to create a healthy breakfast, pour over fresh fruit, or make smoothies and shakes.

Final Note: Use a THC/CBD calculator and enter your numbers. Keep tract of these numbers and always label your final product so you are aware of how much you are taking per dose.

Thank you and Happy Infusing……………..

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