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How to make Green Apple CBD Gummies

This easy method is a great way to precisely dose Green Apple CBD Gummies using water soluble CBD Isolate.

Green Apple CBD Gummies

How to make Green Apple CBD Gummies

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about-How to Make Green Apple CBD Gummies

This easy method is a great way to precisely dose Green Apple CBD Gummies using  water soluble CBD Isolate. In this video you will find out why gummies are easy to infuse and dose using water soluble CBD, what you will need from your kitchen, and how to make great tasting Green Apple CBD Gummies.

Thank You and Let’s get Infuzed.

Why Gummies are Easy to Infuse and Dose using Water Soluble CBD:

Full spectrum CBD or CBD isolate? Many CBD gummies are made with CBD isolate that contains just cannabidiol, without NO additional cannabinoids.

Some gummies are made with full spectrum hemp extract and have trace amounts of THC and plant cannabinoids. Broad spectrum extract, has plant cannabinoids but no THC.

Fact: Water soluble CBD Isolate contains NO THC.

Fact: The dosage amount for most CBD gummies on the market varies from 5mg to 30mg per gummy. Using water soluble makes it easy to infuse, easy to dose using precise measurements of CBD isolate.

Chefs Note: From a culinary perspective.  Gummies made with water soluble CBD isolate have less of a hemp taste and taste more like traditional gummies. This may make isolates a better choice for those who don’t like the taste.

What you will need to make Green Apple CBD Gummies:

Small Sauce Pan

Parchment Paper

Glass measuring cup

Silicone Wisp or Silicone spatula

Instant Read Digital Thermometer (Optional)

Gummy Molds

Decorating Bottles (Optional)

1/3 cup of sugar

¼ -cup of juice or water (Apple Juice Optional)

2- Tablespoons of unflavored gelatin

½-Cup of cold water to bloom gelatin

¼ -Cup of Corn Syrup

CBD- Isolate Powder- 1 gram equals 220 milligrams water soluble CBD

¼- Teaspoon Citric acid

Loranns super concentrate flavorings (optional)

Loranns Mold Inhibitor (optional)

Food coloring

How to make Green Apple CBD Gummies

1. Prep the gelatin by sprinkling the gelatin over a 1/4 cup of cold water. Gelatin should have the texture of apple sauce.  Bloom for 5 minutes and place in fridge.

2.  Add corn syrup, sugar, and water or juice to the saucepan mix until dissolved. (Low Heat) 10mins.

3. Add the citric acid. (Don’t add citric acid until sugar is dissolved)

4. Once it is hot but not boiling, gently add in the unflavored gelatin, whisking continuously for about a minute to get the gelatin dissolved completely. 

5.  Add the CBD powder a little at a time do not empty the CBD powder all at once. Stir slowly not create air bubbles. Stir till CBD powder is blended into the mixture. Remove from heat.

6. Next add Mold Inhibitor and add flavors or colors. (Optional)

7. Clear off the hard layer of broken gelatin and air bubbles.

8. Remove from stove, use funnel strainer to fill the mixture into the fill bottles.

9. Carefully fill Gummy molds with Candy mixture from fill bottles.

10. Let the gummies cool down at room temp before placing them in the fridge.

11. Remove the gummies from the molds and place on parchment paper to let dry 24 hrs.

Pro Tip: Lightly spray gummy molds with vegetable oil spray for easy removal.

Pro Tip: Turn fill bottles over holding the tip with your finger and let any air bubble rise to the top of the

Chef’s Notes: Moisture and gummies don’t mix. Let them cool down at room temp before placing them in the fridge. Let the gummies dry at room temp once they are removed from the molds.

How to Seal your Gummies so you can Sugar Coat Them


Spray Bottle

1. Pour 420 Extractor or Everclear into a spray bottle.

2. Place the Gummies on a cooling rack and then spray with alcohol.

3. Turn the gummies over and spray the bottom of the gummies.

4. Let dry (at room temp)

Note: Spraying the outside of gummies with alcohol will seal the gummy and give them a protective outer shell to keep the gummies from sticking together in storage or shipping.

Chef’s Notes: Many CBD gummies on the market are sprayed with CBD over the outside of the gummy. Good quality CBD gummies that you can make at home are made with CBD from the start, infused throughout the candy.

How to Flavor and Color the Sugar Coating

Ingredients for coating with flavored and colored sugar:

¼- teaspoon citric acid

½ -Cup of sugar

Loranns super concentrate flavorings

1. Place gummies over a cooling grate and hold over boiling water to soften outer layer

2. Place gummies in a flavored sugar mixture.

Optional- Flavor and color sugar coat the gummies

Chef’s Notes: Spray the outside of the gummies with alcohol before coating them with sugar will help keep the sugar from breaking down the gelatin.

This is a great tasting gummy with a perfect gummy texture.

Thank you and Happy Infusing……………………………..

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