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How to Make Ice Dragon Tincture- Potent

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about-How to Make Ice Dragon Tincture-Potent

This fast and easy method is a great way to make a tincture using alcohol and Ice. In this video you will find out why Ice Dragon makes a potent tincture, what you will need from your kitchen, and how to successfully make Ice Dragon Tincture.

Why Ice Dragon Makes a Potent Tincture:

Waiting weeks or months on a mixture of Green Dragon to produce a tincture is fine, but if you are looking for faster safer method. Ice Dragon is made with more potent THC trichomes and less plant material and chlorophyll.

Placing cannabis and alcohol in a very cold in the freezer before pouring the alcohol over the cannabis, helps break off the trichomes and minimize chlorophyll seeping into your tincture. 

Fact: Sublingual application is definitely faster. You’ll feel the effects within 15-20 minutes and those effects will peak in 60-90 minutes. But if you use strong proof alcohol, you can burn the tissue under your tongue so be aware of that.

Fact: Swallowing tinctures will take longer for you to feel the effects, at 30-60 minutes. It will peak in 2-3 hours. These are perfect for putting in your coffee, ice cubes, and gummies.

Note: This is one of the easiest tinctures to make and is an alternative method of making tinctures using heat to purge the alcohol.

What You Will Need to Make Ice Dragon Tincture:

Alcohol: Ever clear or 80 proof+ alcohol to cover your cannabis

Two mason jars with lids

Funnel Strainer

Coffee Filters

Dark Glass Bottle or Dark Glass Dropper Bottles

Enough room in the freezer for two Mason Jars.


1-cup 420 Extractor

Decarboxylated cannabis 7 to 14 Grams (THC-CBD-CBG)

Note: 420 Extractor is a Colorado based Company that makes Grain alcohol that’s perfect for extracting cannabis, 420 Extractor is less expensive than Ever Clear.

Fact: Everclear is a popular brand of grain alcohol at 95 % alcohol which is 190 proof. One of the most pure alcohols on the market. Several states have banned grain alcohol.

Fact: Vodka is often used in states where you can’t get grain alcohol. I n comparison vodka is at 40 percent alcohol content which is 80 proof. Everclear is more than twice the proof of most liquor

How to Make Ice Dragon Tincture:

1. Place the Decardoxylated Cannabis in one Mason jar and the alcohol in the second Mason jar. Put both mason jars in the back of your freezer. 24hrs.

2. Remove the two mason jars from the freezer and pour the alcohol over the frozen cannabis. Pour enough very cold alcohol to cover the plant material completely.

3. Put the lid on the Mason jar and shake vigorously for several minutes.

4. Place the Mason jar with cannabis and alcohol in the back of your freezer.

5. Shake vigorously again every 3-5 hours and place back into the freezer.

6. The tincture will be ready to use in as soon as one day, though you can leave the tincture in the freezer for several days or even a couple of weeks.

7. Once the tincture has reached the desired potency, Set a funnel on top of a Mason jar and line it with a coffee filter. Pour it over the coffee filter funnel and allow it to strain freely.

You can purge some or all of the alcohol if you like or you can keep it as it is an alcohol based tincture. To purge off the alcohol you can remove the lid and let sit out in the open and let the alcohol evaporate leaving you with a clean product that can be combined with a carrier. 

Pour the tincture into dark glass bottle or into dark glass dropper bottles.

Storage Tips: You can store this tincture in your fridge for months and longer because it is alcohol based.

Chef’s Notes: When using alcohol for extracting you will get more potent tinctures using different strains along with different amounts of cannabis using the same exact recipe.

Final Note: Use the THC/CBD calculator and enter your numbers. Keep tract of these numbers and label your final product so you are aware of how much you are taking per dose.

If using heat to purge off alcohol makes you feel stressed, this method may be worth trying out.

Thank You and Happy Infusing.

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