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How to Make Potent Canna Butter with Concentrates

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about- How to Make Potent Canna Butter with Concentrates

Infusions with butter and oils can be an easy as pushing a button and concentrates made from home are just as easy, very efficient, high quality and potent. In this video you will find out why potent concentrates can enhance the taste of edibles, the differences between extractions and infusions. How to make canna butter with concentrates.

Thank you and let’s get infused……….

Why Concentrates Can Enhance the Taste of edibles

Combining concentrates with infusion provides cleaner, better tasting edibles with more control over potency. Using concentrates for infusing oils use less unwanted plant material. Concentrates make a tasty, high quality edible that also use less fatty carrier oils.

By combining the Source Turbo home extraction technology with infusion technology like the LEVO 2. Concentrates take home infusions to another level.

Dosing Note: Cannabis concentrates have anywhere from 60-90% potency, which means each gram of concentrate has 600-900 milligrams of THC (or other cannabinoids like CBD, etc.)

Chefs Notes: If one gram of 80% potency concentrate has 800 milligrams of THC. One gram of cannabis flower (20% potency) has 20 mg of THC; 100% infusion would be 200mg of THC per gram of flower.        4.0 grams of flower are needed to equal one gram of concentrate.

What’s the Difference between Extraction and Infusion?

Infusion is soaking cannabis in carrier oil like butter or coconut oil to bind the botanical oil contained in the plant with the carrier oil.  Infusions use a lot of cannabis and carrier oil volume to complete the infusion with varying potency and taste.

Extraction is separating the potent oil from cannabis with cold food grade alcohol. The extraction is pure cannabis concentrate without any unwanted plant material. Extractions made at home are concentrated cannabis oils that are highly potent and taste great.

Fact: Concentrates are STICKY.

Chef’s Notes: Adding a small amount of butter or oil to the concentrate will help transfer the concentrate and prevent it from sticking to glass or silicone.

Kitchen Items:


Glass Measuring Cup

Silicone Butter Molds (optional)


1-1/2 cups Ghee

1 Gram Decarboxylated Concentrate

How to Make Canna Butter with Concentrates

1. Place the magnetic stirrer on the center mark inside the reservoir.

2. Add the concentrate to the Ghee.  (See notes on mixing sticky concentrates)

3. Add the Ghee to the reservoir. (Infuse up to 16 oz. of oil)

4. Set the Time for 60 minutes and temp to 175 degrees.

5. Press cycle button to select INFUSE.

6. Dispense the butter into the glass measuring cup.

7. Pour the hot infused butter into the butter molds.                                                                                               

(Butter molds are optional)

Fact: The LEVO II works great for infusing concentrates because of the magnetic stirrer inside the reservoir mixes the concentrate with the oils, time and temperature control and easy dispensing.

Chef’s Notes: You want an even amount of concentrate in each serving the oil must be evenly mixed throughout the infusion process.

Thank you and Happy Infusing………..

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