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How to Make Purple Daze MCT Tinctures Using Distillate

Chef Sky- Infuzed Cookin

How to Make MCT Tinctures Using Distillate plus Terpenes

Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about-How to Make MCT tinctures using Distillate plus Terpenes

This easy method is a great way to make Purple Daze MCT Tinctures Using Distillate and terpenes. In this video you will find out why distillate works great for making potent MCT tinctures, what you will need from your kitchen, and how to successfully make MCT tinctures using THC distillate.

Thank You. Let’s get Infuzed.

Why Distillate Works Great for Making Potent MCT Tinctures

One issue when making MCT tinctures with decarboxylated cannabis is that the taste is hard to cover up with flavors. When you use distillate, the decarboxylation process can be skipped with distillate. The Cannabis oil is ready to go right out of the syringe delivering almost pure cannabinoids.

Cannabis concentrates separate cannabinoids like THC and CBD to create pure and refined cannabis oil. The average cannabis flower contains 15-25% THC. Distillate is a clean and clear concentrate with up to 99% activated THC.

MCT Oil is medium chain triglyceride oil derived from coconuts and odor free and tasteless. When you add decarboxylated cannabis to tasteless MCT oil the flavor of the decarboxylated cannabis will overpower the MCT oil.

Fact: The science behind MCT is simple. MCTs go directly from the digestive system to the bloodstream without being digested first. This makes MCT oil ideal for tinctures.

Fact: Short path distillation removes any measurable amount of terpene content from the heat. Extractors add terpenes after extraction to create specialized flavors.

Chef’s Notes: With a potency of nearly 99%, cannabis distillate is not for the inexperienced.

Using Full Gram Distillate

990mg distillate divided by 30ml MCT oil = dosage of 33mg THC per milliliter of oil.

Using Half Gram Distillate

495mg distillate divided by 30ml MCT = dosage of 16.5mg THC per milliliter of oil.

What you will Need to Make MCT Tincture Using THC Distillate

Dropper Bottles (1 fluid ounce = 30 milliliters) (2 tablespoons) (28 grams)

Small funnel (to fill dropper bottles)

Glass beaker (to measure in Milliliters)

Stirring stick

Bowl hot water (to warm the distillate)


THC Distillate 1 gram = 990mg Indica-Grand Daddy Purps-PH

MCT Oil-non flavored

MCT Flavorings-Grape MCT oil.

Chef’s Notes: These cannabis flavored distillates in Grand Daddy Purps are mixed with MCT fruit terpenes to create a tincture I call Purple Daze.

Suggested Starting Ratio: Use1 – 3% in your finished product, adjusted to taste and application, and presence of sweeteners. MCT flavors can be mixed together to create you’re a unique flavor blend.

How to Make MCT Tinctures Using THC Distillate

1. Warm the glass distillate syringe in hot water bath to slightly loosen the product.

2. While the distillate is warming up. Measure out 27ml of MCT oil into the glass beaker.

3. Add the warm distillate to the MCT oil using the glass syringe. Mix the distillate and the MCT oil to thoroughly incorporate the distillate into the oil.

4. Add MCT flavoring 1ml. of flavor per 30ml. of oil.

5. Mix the distillate, MCT oil, and MTC flavoring.

6. After combined, warm the oil/distillate solution in warm water bath until dissolved.

7. Pour the oil into a tincture bottle

8. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

9. The Tincture is ready to use.

Fact: Do not use the microwave to heat distillate because too much heat can destroy the THC or CBD content.

Notes: Failure to warm up the distillate in warm water can break the glass syringe trying to dispense the sticky oil.

Fact: MCT oil is flavorless.  Some distillates are flavorless and some have added terpenes for flavor.  This distillate has terpene blends added to mimic Grand Daddy Purps.

Chef’s Notes: There are many bottle options and sizes; but the important part is the calibrated/marked eyedropper. Just put a few drops under your tongue and wait a few minutes. The cannabinoids and terpenes are absorbed into the bloodstream through the thin membrane under the tongue. Tinctures are fast acting, depending on the size of the dose; the effects should last for a few hours. 

Final Note: Use a THC/CBD calculator and enter your numbers. Keep tract of these numbers and always label your final product so you are aware of how much you are taking per dose.

Tinctures are very discrete. Tinctures in a small eye dropper bottle and can be stored in a pocket or bag and used without producing any cannabis odor. The terpene blends used in this tincture are very flavorful and very potent. Just 1ml dropper full of Purple Daze under the tongue and I’m set for hours.

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Thank You and Happy Infusing.

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