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Potent Rosin Puck QWET

Chef Sky

 Hello I’m Chef Sky from Infuzed Cookin.   Welcome to my Colorado kitchen.

Today we are going to talk about- How to Make a Potent Rosin Puck QWET

This method makes a QWET using rosin pucks. In this video you will find out why rosin pucks make a great QWET, what you will need from your kitchen, and how to successfully make a potent Rosin Puck QWET.

Thank you and let’s get infused……….

Why Rosin Pucks Make a Potent QWET

Pucks of smashed buds from a rosin press still contain cannabinoids and terpenes, although there’s less to extract from a puck. This process makes the ring of rosin wax that surrounds the rosin puck. The ring contains most of active compounds but even the very best rosin presses will not squeeze all of the rosin out. There is a lot left in that rosin puck worth saving.

Fact: You can extract more rosin from these pressed pucks for edibles. This may take a little more time than the first press, but will yield promising results.

Chef’ Notes: When using rosin chips to make a QWET the cell wall damage to the plant material will be extracted in your QWET wash, not that great for vaping but great for edibles.

What you will Need Make a Rosin Puck QWET

Kitchen Items:


Mason jars x 2

Buchner filtration system

Source Turbo (using the vacuum)

Stainless steel coffee filter

110 mm slow filter paper


Dry Ice

Rosin Pucks 14 grams

420 Extractor (ethanol)

How to Make a Rosin Puck QWET

1. Pour the 420 extractor into one of the mason jars.

2. Remove the rosin pucks for the rosin bags. Keep the bags.

3. Gently break up the rosin pucks and do not crush or grind into a fine powder

4. Put the rosin pucks in the Mason jar and the 2 jars in the freezer.

5. Leave the Mason jars in the freezer overnight.

6. Remove the rosin chips and one ethanol Mason jar and pour the frozen ethanol over the frozen rosin chips.

7. Place the Mason jars back into freezer for 30 minutes. Agitating every 5 minutes.

8. Remove the Mason jar and pour the cannabis mixture into coffee filter into a clean Mason jar.

9. Place the QWET Tincture back into the freezer.

10. The wash is ready to be run through the Buchner filtration system.

11. Set up the Buchner filter and attach to the Source Turbo for a vacuum to operate the filter.

12. Place a filter paper in the Buchner ceramic top and prim the filter with alcohol.

13. Next Remove the wash jar from the freezer and immediately pour the contents into the Buchner Ceramic Top with the primed filter. Pour the contents from the flask into a clean jar.

14. The Tincture is ready to be placed into the Crucible in the Source Turbo for evaporation.

Thank you and Happy Extracting……………

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